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There are three different Baggage Rules issued by the National Board of Revenue (NBR).

  1. Passenger (Non Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules, 2016
  2. Air Passenger Unaccompanied Baggage (Export) Rules, 1999
  3. Tourists Baggage (Import) Rules, 1981

These rules are framed to provide duty concession and benefits to passengers and travelers, either tourist or non-tourist.

Passengers carrying dutiable goods must fill a baggage declaration form mentioning description and quantity of goods that they have brought.

A Non Tourist Passenger may import with reduced/fixed duty the following goods on his person or his baggage.

List of Taxable Baggage items in Bangladesh Airports

  • Goods, other than personal and household items are dutiable
  • Goods, above the limit according the Rules -3
  • Imported items which are commercial quantity are dutiable
  1. Plasma, LCD, TFT & Television of similar technology
  • From 30″-36″___________________ 10,000/-
  • From 37″-42″___________________ 20,000/-
  • From 43″-46″___________________ 30,000/-
  • From 47″-52″___________________ 50,000/-
  • From 53″-65″___________________ 70,000/-
  • From 66" and above___________________ 90,000/-

2. More than 04 (four) Speaker but not higher than 08 (eight) Speakers (Music Center)/Home Theatre with minitaiton of Speakers (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set)

  • Per Set___________________ TK. 8,000/-

3. Refrigerator/Deep Freezer

  • Per Item___________________ TK. 5,000/-

4. Air Cooler/Air Conditioner

  • a) Window type________________TK. 7000/-
  • b) Split type up to 18000 BTU_________Tk. 15,000/-
  • c) Split type above 18000 BTU_____TK. 20,000/-

5. Dish Antena

  • Per set ___________________ 7,000/-

6. Gold bar or Bullion (Maximum 200gm)

  • (Per 11.664gm) ___________________ Tk. 3,000/-

7. Silver Bar or Bullion (Maximum 200gm)

  • (Per 11.664gm) __________________ TK. 6/-

8. HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & Professional as used as a Camera

  • Per Item___________________ 15,000/-

9. Air Gun/Air Rifle(importable with permission of Ministry of Commerce, See import & Export Policy, 2012-2015)

  • Per Item___________________ TK. 5,000/-

10. Chandelier

  • Per Point___________________ TK. 300/-

11. Dish Washer/ Washing Machine/ Cloth Drier

  • Per Item___________________ TK. 3,000/-

Duty and Tax Free Goods for single item at Bangladesh Airports

Cassette Player/ Two in one, Disk man / Walkman (Audio), Portable Audio CD Player, Desktop/Laptop Computer (with Printer & UPS), Computer Scanner, Computer Printer, Fax Machine, Video Camera (HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & professional camera), Still Camera/ Digital Camera, General/Push button/ Cordless telephone set, General/ Electric Oven/ Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker/Pressure Cooker, Toaster/Sand witch maker/ electrical Blender/Food Processor/Juicer/ Coffee maker, General and electric Type Writer, Household sewing machine (manual/electrical), Table/ Pedestal Fan/Ceiling Fan, Sports Materials (for personal use only), 100gms gold and 200gm silver ornaments (not more than 12 pcs of each item), One Carton Cigarette (200 sticks), Up to 29” CRT Black & White /Color Television, VCR/VCP, General CD & with 02 (two) Speakers Component (Music Center), VCD/DVD/LD/MD blue Redisk player, LCD Computer Monitor (Either TV function or not) up to 17”, One Mobile/Cellular Phone Set

Baggage Clearance Facilities:

There are two options for passengers to pass through Customs. These are- Green Channel and Red Channel.

Green Channel: This channel is designed for passengers carrying no dutiable goods. However, if the Customs officer on duty has any reasonable basis to suspect that a passenger is carrying dutiable goods, he/she may challenge a passenger passing through the green channel.

Red Channel: This channel is designed for passengers carrying, or having in possession of, dutiable goods.

It is to be noted that passengers shall ensure that they make correct declaration of baggage.

Duties and Taxes for Importation of Commercial Quantity:

If any passenger brings in items in excess of or different from items specified in schedule 2 and schedule 3 (excepting restricted or prohibited items under Import Policy Order or any other law or regulation), such items will be released on production of import permit from the CCI&E office and payment of duties and taxes and fine and penalty (in applicable cases) through adjudication. More detail you will get from Bangladesh Customs website.

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