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Bangladeshi Food

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Bangladeshi food mostly affected by Mughlai cookery, which are excluded by foreign rulers have been affected. As a result, many rich aromatic foods such as Biryani and Korma have been included in the Bangladeshi food, which requires lots of spices including ghee. Dhaka was the Mughal capital of South Subash a major trade center in South Asia. After Dhaka became the capital of East Bengal, the population started accepting the city’s cacophony with many unknown Persian, Turkish and Arabic-inspired foods.

Bangladeshi food also know as Bengali food which refers to the traditional food and cooking tradition in Bangladesh. From the past, Bangladesh people prefers fish, vegetables and rice to be served with rice. Due to the differences in history and the geography of Bangladesh, cooking is rich in regional diversity. Despite its unique characteristics, Bangladeshi cuisine are closely related to neighboring Bengalis and North-East Indians.

List of Bangladeshi Food

Begun Bhorta

Begun Bhorta is a widely popular dish from the bangladeshi cuisine. It is easy to prepare with mastered oil, onion, red or green chillies.

Alu Bhorta

Alu Bhorta made of mashed potato provide with rice. It is very simple to prepare but delicious, smooth, flaming and flavored wares made with mastered oil, onion, garlic, red chillies or green chillies.


Dal is an Indian word which means divided, often dried (removed skin) dried lemon, and may be covered in different types of tassels. It is also the name of many foods which made with pulses. The variety of chicken used and the cooking method varies according to both regions and personal taste. The most widely used Dal in Bangladesh is Masoor dal, Moong dal, Chowli dal and Chana dal. Typically, lentils are boiled to a semi-liquid consistency with spices, onion, garlic, cumin and coriander seeds have been fried.

Ilish Bhaja

Hilsa is one of the most popular fish of Bengal, as seasonal fish, it all deserves all the possible varieties throughout the season. This fried recipe is a hard-core favorite sided dish for rice and gravy.

Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol is a traditional Bengali and Oriya spicy fish cooking method. This veal cooked with spices is served with white rice. Various vegetables are added to fish hinges. People of Bengal are very fond of the fish.

Haji Biriyani

Haji Biriyani also known as Hajir Biriyani is a Chevon Biriyani dish made of very delicate rice and goat meat. The recipe contains high quality rice, chevon, mustard oil, garlic, onion, black pepper, nuts, cloves, nuts, cinnamon, salt, lemon, yogurt, peanuts, cream, risins and small quantities of cheese with beef or mutton. The recipe was handed over to the founder of his next-generation restaurant. You will get original Haji Biriyani in the heart of old Dhaka.


Tehari is an authentic Bangladeshi aromatic rice which is a lovely punch pack by Deer Pepper and jackfruit bears. There are several versions of Tehari, both vegetarian and vegetarian, in South Asia. However, Bangladeshi Tahari is mainly a rice dish which is always made of beef. Tehari is cooked with mustard oil also with olive or canola oil.


Polao is made from rice with some necessary spices. To make rice color brown or golden, lightly oil is taken in the oil. Then add fried onions, spices, vegetables etc. In the region, meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and dried fruits are added with Polao.

Morog Polao

Morog polao is a very rich delicious dish, where chicken meat, curd and cooked with butter (ghee) is cooked. Nowadays, oil and ghee are used together to make it less rich. Morog polao is a very traditional rich item of Bengali food. It is not spicy, and chicken has a light and delicious taste. It is a treat for meat lovers because chicken is used here in large part. It is usually served on special occasions with traditional drinks and drinks called borhani. During the visit to Bangladesh, you must try Morog Polao.

Mejbani Mangsho

Chittagong region is famous for hot and spicy curries. Mejbani Ghost or Mejbani Mangsho is very much popular and famous dish in this region. Mezban is a Persian word meaning literally host. The word now means ‘community feasting’, which is a tradition that arises in Dhaka region. There are lot of restaurants in Chittagong and Dhaka where you will get Mejbani Mangsho.

Bangladeshi Breakfast

Bangladeshi Breakfast (নাস্তা)


Poratha is a meal which is usually takes as morning and afternoon breakfast. It is very much popular food in the Indian subcontinent and is quite popular in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The word Poratha comes from the parat and the flour which literally means that the cooked yeast is cooked. You will get paratha almost all restaurants in Bangladesh. It is usually eaten as a morning breakfast with vegetable, beef, egg etc . But some people take this as afternoon breakfast with kebab.


Roti also known as Chapati in India which is a flatbread originating from Bangladesh. It is widely eaten as a morning breakfast with vegetable, meat and egg.

Bangladeshi Desert

Bangladeshi Desert

Kheer (ক্ষীর, পায়েস)

Kheer is a rice pudding food which is very popular in Bangladesh and the Indian subcontinent. Boiling rice, with broken wheat, is prepared by mixing tapioca, semi, milk and sugar. It is offered for taste, cardamom, saffron, cashew nut, pistachio nut or cashew nut. It is usually served as a meal time or dessert. It is usually served as a meal time or dessert. In some areas it is also known as Paesh, Paasam, Firni or Ferieni.

Misti Doi (মিষ্টি দই)

Misti Doi (Sweet Yogurt) is one kind of Sweet which is made from chana, milk and yogurt. It is a traditional Bengali desert usually takes after the meal. You will get Misti Doi (Sweet Yogurt) almost every Banglai occasion. You will get Misti Doi in every sweet shop in Bangladesh. Bogra District is famous for Sweet Yogurt. People passing through Bogra by bus or car, they must buy it.

Rasmalai (রসমালাই)

Rasmalai is a popular sweet food from South Asia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal. Rasmalai is believed to have originated in Bengal. Rasmalai of Comilla is very famous among the people of Bangladesh.

Rosogolla (রসগোল্লা)

Rosogolla is a very popular milk based sweet in Bangladesh and Indian subcontinents. This dessert also known as Rasgulla. It is made with ball shaped Chenna is formed into small balls. These balles simmered in a sugar syrup.

Bangladeshi Food

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