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Chittagong Heritage

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Chittagong Division is now officially re-named “Chottogram Division” by the Government of Bangladesh. This is the main port city of the Country. The city historic name was Chatigam, Chaityabhumi and Porto Grande De Bengala. In April 2018. It has Population more than 2.5 million which making it 2nd largest city of the country. It also known as commercial capital of Bangladesh. This is Asia’s 7th and World’s fastest growing city.


Chittagong lies south-east 22°22′0″N 91°48′0″E part of the country. It includes the coastal foothills of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in southeastern Bangladesh. Sylhet division to the north of Chittagong and the Tripura and Mizoram states of India and the Meghna river, the Bay of Bengal on the south, the Mizoram state of India, Tripura and Myanmar and the Meghna river, Dhaka and Barisal divisions on the west. There are also hill districts before Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar district on the south.


In other parts of the country, Chittagong also saw six seasons. Summer is observed in the region in January-February, March, April, May in summer. Monsoon till June, July, August. But there are some changes in the current weather.


Chittagong’s cultural heritage is the oldest. From the beginning of the known history, the influence of Arakanese headquarters in Chittagong was noticed. As a result, it has considerable influence in rural culture. At that time, the kings of this region are also Buddhist, and its influence is also sufficient. During the Sultanate, Afghans and Mughal period, there was a war with the Arakanese. Consequently, the effects of the murgi were not abolished. Besides, the people of Chittagong are famous for their hospitality.

The present culture of Chittagong emerged after the introduction of a permanent settlement by the East India Company in 1793. As a result, there is a radical change in the process of social funding and distribution in the Indian sub-continent. Like other places, a new middle class community is emerging in Chittagong. The English have been introduced by the English in the new era. The middle class community started to get acquainted with the West through English education.

Economics and Development

Chittagong’s economy is also depending on agricultural and trade like other regions of Bangladesh. The rate of poverty is 40 percent. Commercial capital of Chittagong Bangladesh. In 1983, Bangladesh’s first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) was established in Chittagong


The main crop of agriculture in Chittagong is rice. In addition, in the winter and summer season, there is a wide variety of vegetable cultivation. Notable vegetables include – Brinjal, sweet pumpkin, rice kumar, white pumpkin, lau, dhris, jhinga, chichinga, cucumber, berbati, border, pea, tomato, radish, beet, carrot, gooseberry, cauliflower, bhadakapi, patala charla Spinach etc. Coconut is the main fruit in the fruit. However, mango, banana and jackfruit are also produced.


Sowing of salt cultivation in coastal areas is beneficial. History shows that in the year 1795, there was an annual production of 15 lakh tons of salt in Chittagong and Noakhali region salt

Fishery cultivation and accumulation

Fisheries tradition is the oldest in Chittagong district. The main cause of ocean and river-nallahity From the source of the river Halda near the city, Madunaghat is very fertile as the natural breeding ground of sweet water. The number of dighi, bills and haors in greater Chittagong is 568, [citation needed] Number of ponds and canals 95,941. [Citation needed] Total volume 85,700 acres (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 1981), about 640,000 acres of the Karnaphuli River Marked as fishing place.

Note the export of marine fish sharks, skates, rays, herring, sharkfin and shrimp.

Dried Fish

If there is a significant aspect of fish cultivation and accumulation in Chittagong, dried fish (to save fish by drying). Dune fish from Sonadia, Sandwip etc. are sent to the Chittagong trade centers. During the British period dried rice was exported in Rangoon.


Prior to the establishment of English rule in Chittagong, there were three types of education based on religion, like other places of India. Maktab-Madrasah for Arabic-based Muslims, toll-pedestal-Chatuspathy for Sanskrit-based Hindus and Kaang or Bihar for Buddhists. At that time the language of the Persian was Persian. As a result, many of the Hindus taught Persian language. It was useful to know the culture of Muslim scholars for state management and public relations. Handwritten books were used in these institutions. Until the new education system of the English, these three were the main features of the teaching of Chittagong.

Public Universities and Colleges in Chittagong

Private Universities in Chittagong

Places of Interest

  • Fay’s Lake
  • Patenga beach
  • Chittagong Zoo
  • The shrine of Hazrat Shah Amanat (R: )
  • The dargah of Hazrat Bayazzid Bastami (R: )
  • Batali Hill
  • DC Hill
  • Chandranath hill (Sitakunda)
  • Banskhali Echopark
  • Banskhali Khanhandabad sea beach
  • Paraki Sea Beach
  • Bansbaria sea beach
  • Guliyakhali sea beach
  • Banskhali tea garden
  • War Cemetery
  • Mahamaya Lake
  • Khayyahara shower (Mirsarai)

How to Go

By Air

Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport is a modern airport which provides domestic and international flight services. It is second busiest airport in Bangladesh. Its formerly known as MA Hannan International Airport. All major Airlines of Bangladesh such as Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US-Bangla Airlines, Novoair and Regent Airways serving here.

By Bus

Major bus service companies including Greenline Paribahan, Shohag Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Saint Martin Paribahan, London Express etc. operates frequent services from Dhaka. Most of the bus stop and counter at south of GEC Circle on CDA Ave and on Station Rd near Hotel Golden Inn.

By Train
During the recent years, Bangladesh Railway updated their services to Chittagong. They have luxury AC and Non-AC train services from Dhaka to Chittagong. There are eight trains available in Dhaka to Chittagong root. The train names are given below.

  • Mohanagar Provati
  • Chattala Express
  • Subarna Express
  • Mohanagar Express
  • Sonar Bangla Express
  • Mahanagar Godhuli
  • Turna Express
  • Chittagong mail
  • Karnaphuli Express

Places to Visit

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