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Dhaka to Chandpur Launch Schedule and Ticket Price

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Dhaka to Chandpur by launch, it will take three and half hours to reach Chandpur. Traveler’s can travel from Dhaka everyday. Almost every hour you will get launches in day and night time. Chandpur District is a district located in the Chittagong Division of southeastern Bangladesh. Previously it was a part of Comilla District until 1984. Chandpur is also known as home of Hilsha (ইলিশ) fish. The most famous Hilsha fish originated from Chandpur. It is the national fish of Bangladesh.

Name of LaunchTime (ছাড়ার সময়)Mobile Number
MV Shonar Tori7.00am01716501077
MV Meghna Rani8.00am
MV Al Borak06.00am01818002029
MV Rof9.30am
MV Tutul10.00am01711008777
Launch Eagle 39.00am01716501077
MV Bogdadia10.40am01712737227
MV Russell11.00am01712735300
MV Rof-Rof-212.05pm01818002029
MV AB-E-Jam Jam01.00pm01714248589
MV Mayour 212.30pm01759 944144
MV Mayour 71.30pm01759944144
MV Eagle 74.30pm01711008777
MV Bogdadia-78.35am

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