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Dhaka to Kolkata Train

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Dhaka to Kolkata Maitree Express is an international standard passenger train that travels from the capital of Dhaka to Kolkata, to the state of West Bengal, India. This is the only train that runs between these two countries. It was started 52 years later. . This train service was started as a symbol of friendship between Bangladesh and India on April 14, 2008, two weekly weekly train service was introduced from the day of 1st Baishakh of Bangla month. Bangladesh’s compartment and engine of trains and the Indian bogey of India And the engine is used. As a result, the passengers have to change their boundaries.

Dhaka-Kolkata-Dhaka Maitree Express Train Schedule

Station NameTrain Number 3107/3110Station NameTrain Number 3108/3109
Dhaka Cantonment08.15Kolkata07.10
Kolkata16.00Dhaka Cantonment16.05

Dhaka to Kolktata Maitree Express Train Ticket Price 2020

Prices for international train tickets are set in line with the rising dollar. The value of the dollar often fluctuates, and due to the recent rise in the value of the dollar, the price for the Maitree Express train has been fixed at the following rates, including VAT at Taka 87 per dollar.

ClassTicket Price with VATTravel TaxTotal
AC Seat3005Tk500Tk3505Tk
AC Chair2005Tk500Tk2505Tk

Application form for purchase of international train tickets

Dhaka to Kolkata Train Ticket Form

Maitree Express Child Policies and Ticket Price

  • AC First/Cabin – USD 20 +15 % Vat
  • AC Chair Car – USD 12+15 % Vat
  • Non-AC Chair Car – USD 8
  • 500 Taka Travel Tax to be paid at the time of purchase of ticket for all classes.

Children, accompanied by an adult, up to the age of 5 years will be charged at 50% of the fare for the class of travel (Travel Tax and Vat will be charged if applicable). Tickets for travel will be issued only on production of valid travel document from 09-00 hrs. to 19-00 hrs. at Kolkata counter & at Dhaka Railway Station.

Ticket Booking

Dhaka to Kolkata Maitree Express train left from Dhaka was released from Dhaka Cantonment Station, where the immigration was completed, although visas were already collected from the Indian Embassy. Tickets can be bought in Dhaka’s Kamalapur counters with appropriate and correct papers.

Dhaka to Kolkata online ticket booking is not available for this train through the IRCTC website. This train ticket is available only at local counters at the booking counter mentioned below. It’s not a return ticket. In applying for a visa, it is essential to mention the entry port as “by rail-gayde” (for an Indian visa) or by “rail-dorshona” (for a Bangladeshi visa). Tickets are issued only after the visa is issued, and it is mandatory to show the passport at the time of booking. If all passenger tickets are not available for booking, then an approval letter is required.

Tickets are available from Dhaka, special counter only at Kamalapur station. Tickets can be purchased at the International Ticket Booking Counter at Fairly Place in Dalhousie Square and from Calcutta Station.

Maitree Express Baggage Policies

It was decided that free allowance for luggage will be 35 kg per full fare passenger and 20 kg per child ticket passenger, for all classes. The free allowance can be carried in up to two pieces of luggages. The dimensions of the luggage shall not exceed 65cm x 80cm, in view of the limitations of the scanners in use. In excess of 35/20 kg (as the case maybe), excess luggage will be charged as follows:

Full fare ticket

  • More than 35 kg-up to 50 kg-Charge USD 2,per kg or part thereof on each excess kg.
  • More than 50 kg-Charge USD 10 per Kg or part thereof on each excess Kg.

Child ticket

  • More than 20 kg-up to 35 kg-Charge USD 2, per kg or part thereof on each excess kg.
  • More than 35 kg-Charge USD 10 per Kg or part thereof on each excess Kg.

These rates have been kept excessively high in order to dissuade misuse of the train for carrying goods for commercial purpose. Also, to keep the luggage within reasonable limits so that immigration and customs checks are completed in time and the train is not detained.

Train Service

Dhaka to Kolkata TrainMaitree Express

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