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Ena Paribahan

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Ena Paribahan is one of the busiest and popular bus services in Bangladesh. The transport company operates inter-district Air Conditioned and non Air-Conditioned bus services all over Bangladesh. Most popular route is Dhaka to Sylhet, Dhaka to Mymenshingh, Dhaka to Chittagong and so on. You can buy ticket directly from their ticket counters from their respective destination. Below you will get phone and address of all Ena Paribahan bus counter phone number and location address. Sometimes the company change their phone number and location without notice, if you get any problem getting them please contact us at [email protected]

Any Inquiry:
Mob: 01760-737654 (Dhaka), 01619-737669 (Sylhet)

Bus Counter within Dhaka:

Mohakhali Counter
Phone: 01869-802737, 01761-901011, 01619-737660

Kachukhet Bus Point

Phone: 01869-802738

Fakirapul Counter
Phone: 01869-802736

Airport Counter, Hotel Monolova
Phone: 01760-737652, 01869-802726

Uttora BGB Market ( House Building)
Phone: 01760-737651, 01869-802728

Uttora Abdullapur
Phone: 01869-802729, 01798-911752

Bus Counter other district:
Sylhet Bus Terminal
Phone: 01619-737656, 01761-902012, 01760-079987

Mobile: 01869-802739

Dampara Chittagong Counter
Phone: 01878-059209

BTRC Counter Chittagong
Phone: 01869-802744

Chittagong Navy Gate
Mobile: 01869-802743

Mymensingh Maskanda Bus Terminal
Phone: 01716-131481

Feni Mahipal Counter
Phone: 01872-604486, 01872-604485

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Ena Paribahan

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