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Rangpur Express

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Rangpur Express (Train No. 6172) is an intercity train operated by Bangladesh Railway. It runs from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka to Rangpur Railway Station in Rangpur. The train connects Tangail, Sirajganj, Pabna, Natore, Bogra and Gaibandha districts. Rangpur Express is the first intercity train running between Dhaka and Rangpur districts.

By 2020, Rangpur Express Train No. 771 left Kamalapur Railway Station at 9:10 am and reached Rangpur Railway Station at 7 pm. On the way back, Train No. 772 left Rangpur Railway Station at 8:10 pm and reached Kamalapur Railway Station at 6:10 am. The train runs 6 days a week. Sunday is a weekly holiday. There is a shuttle train at Kaunia Junction for the passengers of Kurigram. Find below Rangpur Express updated full schedule.

Leaving Dhaka every day except Monday at 9:10 am and reaching Rangpur at 6 pm. Departing from Rangpur every day except Sunday at 8:10 pm, arriving in Dhaka at 8:10 am.

Rangpur Express Train Schedule

Dhaka to Rangpur Schedule

Station NameDeparture Time
Dhaka kamalapur Station9:10am
Dhaka Airport Station9:42am
Bangabandhu Setu junction11:40am
Chatmahar Station12:55pm
Shantahar Junction03:15pm
Bonar Para04:53pm
Bamon Danga05:48pm
Peer Gacha06:07pm
Kaunia Junction06:45pm

Rangpur to Dhaka Schedule

Station NameDeparture Time
Rangpur Station08:10pm
Kaunia Junction08:50pm
Peer Gacha09:07pm
Bamon Danga09:26pm
Bonar Para Junction10:29pm
Shona tola10:46pm
Shantahar Junction12:10am
Bangabandhu Setu Junction04:01am
Dhaka Biman Bandar(Airport)05:38am
Dhaka Kamalapur06:10am

The train has 3 seats with modern coaches imported from Indonesia.

  • AC Cabin
  • AC Chair Coach(Snigdha Chair)
  • Non AC Chair Coach(Shovon Chair)

Rangpur Express Train Ticket Price

AC Seat 930Tk.
Snigdha Chair 620Tk.
Shovon Chair 465Tk.

How to buy Rangpur Express Ticket online:

  • Advance tickets for Rangpur Express train are available from 5th day before departure.
  • These advance tickets are available at the counter and online at the same time.
  • To purchase tickets online, login to https://eticket.raipment.gov.bd

To know the location of Rangpur Express train at any moment:

  • Go to the message option of your mobile and type (for Dhaka to Rangpur train) TR 771 or (for Rangpur to Dhaka train) TR 772, and send to 16318. Per message 5tk charge is applicable.
  • The live location of the train can be known through BR Explorer app at low cost. You have to buy a package for this.

Contact the station master at your nearest railway station for any information or assistance.
May your journey be safe and joyful.

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