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SB Super Deluxe Bus

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SB Super Deluxe bus services are very popular among the people who are traveling from Dhaka to Kustia, Meherpur, Lakhipur and Banpara. The transport company also carrying passengers from Dhaka to Ruppur, Bheramara, Bonpara, Shailkupa and Dashuria. There are many ticket counters around Dhaka city. They have main ticket counter in Gabtoli, Kalliyanpur other ticket counters are location in Chandra and Fulbaria. Below you will get SB Super Deluxe ticket counter phone number and location:-

SB Super Deluxe contact number

Counter NameCounter LocationContact Number
Kallyanpur Counter Kallyanpur Bus Stand 01759860860, 02-9009586
Khaleque Pump Counter Khaleque Pump Kallyanpur01746394846, 02-8091800
Gabtoli CounterGabtoli Bus Terminal01752123365, 02-9000627
Savar CounterSavar Bus Stand 01742709832, 02-7745182
Fulbaria CounterFulbaria Bus Stand 01915432086
Nabinogor Counter Nabinogor Bus Stand01735008465
Jirani CounterJirani Bus Stand Counter 01703007524
Baipail CounterBaipail Bus Stand Counter 01915410367
Kushtia Town Counter Kushtia Bus Terminal01714984232, 01716313086
Tangail CounterTangail Bus Stand01916575575
Lakhmipur CounterLakhmipur Bus Stand
Bittipara Counter Bittipara Bus Stand 01712158836
Sheikhpara CounterSheikhpara Bus Stand
Shoilkupa CounterShoilkupa Bus Stand
Khalishakundi CounterKhalishakundi Bus Stand
Bheramara Counter Bheramara Bus Stand
Amla CounterAmla Bus Stand
Meherpur CounterMeherpur Bus Stand
01713925147, 01742837374
Gangni Counter Gangni Bus Stand
Bamundi Counter Bamundi Bus Stand
Ruppur Counter Ruppur Bus Stand Counter 01728053484, 01718507312
Dashuria Counter Dashuria Bus Stand
01772875055, 01733105920
Garaganj Counter Garaganj Bus Stand
01713902551, 01998236130
Jhenaidah Counter Jhenaidah Bus Stand
Vadaliya Counter Vadaliya Bus Stand
Baut Bazar Counter Baut Bazar Bus Stand
Arappur CounterArappur Bus Stand
Allah'r Dorga Counter Allah'r Dorga Bus Stand
01730717410, 01730717411
Kazipur Counter Kazipur Bus Stand
Pragpur Counter Pragpur Bus Stand01730717416
Taragunia CounterTaragunia Bus Stand
Garura Counter Garura Bus Stand
Mothurapur Counter Mothurapur Bus Stand
Hossainabad Counter Hossainabad Bus Stand
Dangmorka Bazar Counter Dangmorka Bazar Bus Stand

SB Super Deluxe is a privately owned transport company in Bangladesh. Please write your comments below regarding their services, if you have already  traveled with SB Super Bus. This feedback will help others to choose bus services for their onward journey. You can also write your valuable comments in our facebook page which will helpful for others to decide.

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