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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Students who want to study abroad or waiting to fly destination country, they need to  apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka for Covid vaccination. Students will be able to avoid quarantine abroad if they are vaccinated at home. Some students studying abroad are currently in the home country and some students are waiting to go abroad for the purpose of study.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will receive application for Corona Vaccine between 13th July 2021 to 27th July 2021. Students required to scan the required documents and send them as ‘ZIP / PDF’ file to the email [email protected]. This information has been given in the circular issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

Students need to specify subject when sending email is ‘Application for COVID-19 vaccination for students studying abroad (Passport no-)’

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, students going abroad will have to scan and send the required documents such as passport, visa (if applicable), final approval letter for admission to the educational institution, certificate of identity / identity card and send it by e-mail.

To get Corona Vaccine students also can apply through google form https://forms.gle/6hN5a7P4bHX6r9AS9

Three days after the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it has been suggested students to register themselves  from Surokkha App. Students can also contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by e-mail for any information.

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